Agritech Crop Research and Kalyx Agriculture Merge

Agritech Crop Research and Kalyx Agriculture Merge

The directors of Agritech Crop Research and Kalyx Agriculture have announced that from the 2nd July 2012, these two successful field research organisations will merge to form a national agricultural research company, trading as Kalyx Australia Pty Ltd (Kalyx).

The merger brings together two of Australia’s leading research organizations to create a national company that specialises in providing field trials and testing services to the agricultural research and development sector.

With a significant presence in many of Australia’s major broadacre cropping regions, Kalyx Australia has the capacity, capability and expertise to provide all agronomic, product evaluation and crop breeding field trial research across a range of crops, pastures and farming systems.
Agritech and Kalyx Agriculture both have extensive experience in reporting procedures, and expertise in laboratory testing and field studies to GLP standards and OGTR compliance. Kalyx Australia is a blend of two strong businesses with a track record of trusted, independent, quality fieldwork.

Current directors Peter Hamblin, Sue McGregor, Denis Harvey (Agritech), and Ashley Bacon, Peter Burgess and Barrett Sinclair (Kalyx Agriculture) will form the new Kalyx board of directors. Kalyx director Ashley Bacon said, “The philosophy of Kalyx Australia will reflect the positive
cultures developed in Kalyx and Agritech respectively. Kalyx Australia will continue to invest in quality staff; staff training; the development and implementation of sophisticated operating systems; and the adoption of the latest technology, so we can continue to deliver outstanding
research to our clients.”

The commitment to investing in capacity that is the hallmark of the Kalyx Australia philosophy is
reflected in:

  • the longevity of key staff;
  • a national fleet of sophisticated machinery and equipment;
  • the ability to conduct all types of field research in any environment;
  • successfully managing the tyranny of distance and a large and diverse portfolio of trials.

As a truly national and independent organisation, Kalyx Australia will provide a new dimension to the provision of Australian agricultural research across a wide range of competencies.

Kalyx Australia will be a leader in terms of delivering quality research, product development, technical support and training to the Australian agricultural community, further building on the outstanding reputation of the Agritech and Kalyx businesses.