Where did it begin?

Kalyx Australia is the result of more than 20 years of dedication and commitment to the agricultural research sector by two independently owned and operated rural businesses.  Kalyx was born from two geographically opposed but identical research organisations operating on either side of Australia. Kalyx in WA opened its doors in the rural town of York in WA in 1996, and quickly grew to a successful research company operating in Perth employing more than 20 staff conducting field trials throughout regional WA in 2012.

Kalyx predominantly operates in rural and regional communities around Australia.  This is a great strength of the business in that the people at Kalyx know and understand the crops they are working in, and they are part of the communities where these crops form the lifeblood of the region.  Staff retention is high at Kalyx due to the close-knit ‘family-like’ culture that exists at branches. Our people feel valued and rewarded for the work they do every day.  Kalyx and its staff are committed to the prosperity and success of Australian agriculture, and actively recruit up to eight new Agriculture graduates each year from around Australia into their XSeed Technical Training program. Kalyx invests significant time into supporting and developing these professionals through their time at Kalyx.