Graduate Opportunity

Xseed – the Knowledge, Experience and Growth Pathway at Kalyx

Xseed – to surpass: be superior to: excel

As we all know, in agriculture – “From little things, big things grow” – The first year of trials at Kalyx saw 1 person operating a trial program from a back shed with a ute and a boom in regional Australia. From these simple beginnings, a leading force in Agricultural Research has evolved. With operations in every wheat growing state in Australia, over 90 full time staff and close to 100 casuals, Kalyx is today an internationally recognized and preferred supplier of agricultural field research to the Agricultural Industry in Australia.

Unquestionably, the driving force behind our continued success, is our people.  The combination of extensive industry experience, high staff retention, our strong team culture and the ability to run targeted and dynamic in house training to new recruits has enabled us to grow the business to where it is today.  Graduates at Kalyx have the opportunity to be mentored by senior staff and develop at their pace into Lead Scientists, Business Managers and or Operations Managers.

KALYX invites graduates or students in their final year of study to apply for entry into our XSeed Graduate Program.

Applications Open 1st June each year and applications close on Friday 9th of August.  Successful applicants will start between Dec 1 and March 1.

In order to be considered for the XSeed Graduate entry program you will:

  1. Submit a cover letter telling us a bit about yourself, the course you are studying/studied and your interests/hobbies. Tell us what state you would like to work in AND tell us what excites you about working at Kalyx.
  2. Attach an up to date CV detailing any previous work experience, awards, licences, certificates and courses you have participated in.  Please include the names of two referees and their contact details.

Applicants will be notified in August if they are required for an interview.
For more information call 1300 525 992.